Barcode/UPC Generator

Need a barcode? Do you want to replicate the code on the back of your shopper "rewards cards" and perhaps consolidate all of your rewards cards into a single sheet of paper or 3x5? Enter the barcode digits into the form below. Select the type of barcode (just leave as UPC / EAN if you're not sure). Don't forget to also include a label, so you know what the barcode is for! The results will pop up in a new window from where you can print or save the barcode image.

Generate Barcodes and UPC: UPC, EAN, UPC-E, EAN-8. barcode, upc code, barcode generation, upc code generation, upc, ean, digits

7-, 8-, 12- or 13-digit Value:

This code originated from Dan Bornstein's Barcode Server. It has been modified from Dan's version to output the barcodes as .GIF images. If you want to know more about barcodes and how all this works, then go to Dan's site.