Jun 23, 2011 02:00:24 : The jaXed Mash for Android
By: jaXed
Android app on Google Play
Head on over to the Android Market and download the mobile app for The jaXed Mash. Booyah!
Jun 23, 2011 11:52:21 : Comment by: bob
The ads at the top seem to be blocking access to the category options!

Jun 25, 2011 09:48:28 : Comment by: braindoner
Working good on my samsung vibrant! Thanks!

Jul 10, 2011 14:24:58 : Comment by: jacob
when i find an add and i view it i cannot zom in on the text or pictures like i could if i just went to craigslist

Jul 11, 2011 02:54:40 : Comment by: mike
cannot search for a nissan armada, not on nissan listings. love the site but need some help

Jul 24, 2011 13:10:16 : Comment by: chris
Can you add Gravely to your tractor/farm listings for brand type.

Aug 04, 2011 05:44:59 : Comment by: Sam
Would you please add "Geo Metro" to the automobile drop down list. You have Geo Storm but I'm looking for metros. THANKS.

Aug 26, 2011 21:27:39 : Comment by: orlando3tc
Not cool the craiglist people dont know hoew much you guys help them in ther sales,I use to love that using jaxed.com not have to search craiglist one by one,towns, citys and states ,this real sucks for them they suck big *(%%$#)

Aug 27, 2011 12:05:10 : Comment by: Mike Yac
Craigslist needs to get there heads checked!!!!! Jaxed's service was a great tool for craigslist. They shot them selfs in the foot!

Aug 28, 2011 13:07:28 : Comment by: slagbag
what a shame i was on this sight literally every day, its useless to me now.
Good luck Jaxed.

Aug 28, 2011 15:43:41 : Comment by: greg mitchell
From "ozzie" australia craigs has lost the plot all my many purchase's were via your ex site , lets hope they see the neg in this decision .

Aug 28, 2011 20:21:21 : Comment by: Bob
Could you add the LT Lincoln pickup to the model for searching under Lincoln. LT is not there. Thanks.

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